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I am a man who loves fine watches and premium leathers!


My strapmaking story began with buying my first Panerai.

I was looking for new straps for my watch, like every watchlover!

First, I used to have some OEM and custom straps; but then I decided to make my own straps for perfect customization. 

After months of non-stop working, I developed my own style!


Now I have a small atelier which is located in Angora at the middle of Anatolia.

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My leather works are made to order, customizable and 100% handmade.


My main goal is to create timeless and unique top quality products with the help of traditional leather crafting tools! 

I never use electrical machines in any process of production.


Each product is made and inspected at every phase of these processes by me.

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My all leather products are made from premium class Italian and Turkish leathers with hi quality steel details.


Your requests and ideas are the guide for me! Thus, you may choose leather color, thread color, stitching style, strap size and buckle type for a unique custom order!

You will find my all leathers, strap samples, key fobs, belts, bracelets and some customers' photos through this website. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information about my products. I will respond as soon as possible.


Best Regards


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